Monday, July 25, 2005

A New Week

Did you know we are supposed to be sending pics to Jordan for some slide show at the Family Reunion (FR)? Apparantly they are supposed to be of our families growing up and of our own childhood or something like that.

Yesterday was a good day. I went out to my friend Bozenka's to celebrate her 53 birthday. I just took her some Royal Jelly as she has this thing with Queen Bees. We went to an orchard in Salmon Arm to pick cherries as her sister was also there from Calgary with her son and wanted to take some home. I don't know how their cherries were so good there but they were great! They were the same kind as we had in Terrace - Lamberts, I think. I got some to take home and they are quickly disappearing. We had a picnic lunch and the weather was just so perfect - although more like September than July. Her sister, Goranka, has a son who was there, too - he's 18 - a few weeks younger than Erin and he was very polite and gentlemanly to Kaetlyn and took her to a movie - 'The Wedding Crashers' in Salmon Arm (his mother drove them). She was very flattered and practically tongue tied. I am glad for her to experience that a very nice, intelligent boy can find her interesting. She had such a hard time with stupid, superficial kids at her high school this last year.

No classes this week. The topic was "Creativity" and I didn't get any kids sign up. I am fine with that. I could really use a week off. Next week is Courage and so far I don't have any signed up for that, either but I do for the week after that. I wasn't sure how many of my 'camps' would go so 3 out of 5 is good. It gives me some time to gather my thoughts and make sure the last week is spectacular.

Blueberries are on sale this week at Save On so my goal is to buy a flat a day and process them. I have one to get started on today. I think I will make jam - everyone's favourite kind. During the day I think of funny things to tell you but when I sit down, they all escape from my mind. Sorry about that.

I started on my Jorge Cruise program again this morning. I have his book '8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly'. I have done it before and it is really very effective and my core muscles really needed some strengthening after 4 kids and 4 surgeries and all that sitting. It is amazing how your muscles just disappear! I highly recommend his books although you have to dig through the hype - very Anthony Robbins-ish. Just go right to the exercises - well illustrated and scientifically designed. He says that studies show that only exercise done in the morning adds to your lean muscle mass which makes you burn more fat just by being. The diet in the book is pretty sound and reminds me a lot of weight watchers.

I promise as soon as I think of something funny, I'll come and write it down!

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