Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Grocery Grind

I love being a mom and mostly I find satisfaction in looking after my family but there is one thing that I hate. I hate planning the menu. I have no imagination and envy those who can whip up nutritious, low fat meals with so little effort and their families never eat the same thing twice in a month... Maybe it is because I always did find eating a little boring and there are other things I would rather do.

Lately I have been doing a particularly bad job of food preparation. It has just drifted now for about a month which means that I don't decide what to have for supper until a half hour before dinner time (or later). Then I have to rush out to buy the ingredients. And then I repeat it the next day. And sometimes I don't end up making anything and we eat tuna sandwhiches... I need to sit down with a cook book or two and look through to see what looks good, make a menu and then do a week's grocery shopping. The irony of my present situation is that it actually takes a lot more time than doing it properly and I end up grocery shopping every-freaking-day! Any supper suggestions would be welcomed. What do you have for dinner in the summer?

My camp ended well today. I think the group of boys ended up being my favourite. When something is more challenging, I put more of myself into it. They painted their own t-shirts yesterday and today they painted a small wooden box (their magic box) and their paper bowls that we made 2 days before. The drama they did today was the most uninhibited. Very rewarding! I will miss them. Right now I have no one registered for next week. I am rather looking forward to a week off to go to the beach and just hang with my kids. It has been mostly run, run, run since the end of school. I have several offers of things to do this week end but I might not do any of them. Some time at home would feel good. My garden looks like I planted weeds and the hedge is obscurring the house...

And I am tired now. I am off to bed with that large, unusual book... Or maybe Kaetlyn, Drew and I will start the new Harry Potter...

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