Saturday, July 23, 2005

Earwig Attack

Remember those earwigs? I was out in my garden yesterday and they have completely devoured the last of my brocolli - only pale green skeletons of broccoli leaves remain. That is so gross!

I couldn't sleep last night - didn't get to sleep until after 3am and now I am staggering around like it is the middle of the night. I can't wait until it is time for Rhiannon's nap and I can lay down with her. It is very quiet here today. Erin is at work. Kaetlyn and Drew are at a slowpitch tournament in Summerland (just outside of Penticton). The Missionaries came by and asked if they could play on the missionary team. They have 2 sisters from asia who have never played and some non-athletic elders and everyone thinks they will be the team to beat so they needed a couple of ringers. (don't get your hopes up now, it is just ball) I had to get up at 6am to drive them to the place where they were getting a ride. Dean is playing Panorama tonight (Invermere) and played Revelstoke last night. So it is just Rhiannon and I. Quiet. So I have been slowly plugging away at things that have been on my 'to do' list for a long time.
Katie, I'm doing my taxes... How are yours? I am part way done and stuck on some part of Dean's. I've sent an e-mail to Josh who won't be able to answer my questions until Monday. At least I have started. I am finished my part.
I am also going to plan a menu today and get the grocery shopping done (after my nap). We do love fajitas and other mexican food and that is always easy to cook. I can remember Mom telling me how much she hated cooking and how she wished she could just sew all the time. At that time, I couldn't imagine it and told her that when I grew up, she could sew and I would cook. I hated sewing then. Now, I feel the same way as she did then. Oh, to have some uninterrupted sewing time... And oh, to not HAVE to cook. I always say that if I didn't HAVE to cook for maybe... 10 years, I could like it again. Maybe when the kids are all gone, I will enjoy it. When Dean and I are alone I have such fun cooking delicious things that either the kids wouldn't like or that are too expensive for us all to eat. We can eat much lighter than the kids. A caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast is plenty for us - not enough for the growing beasts. I am still hopefully awaiting an e-mail from Katie with news of her 'system'.
The kids and I watched "Coach Carter" last night. Very teenager-ish. They really liked it. I liked it somewhat although I did critisize the script a couple of times. But the basketball was good. I put in a few more plugs for one of them to play - I think it is such an exciting game to watch and play. However, I am sure it fell on deaf ears, although they are both good at it. They just don't like it. How can that be? I didn't know there could be people who didn't like basketball...
I took Erin out for lunch yesterday. I am a bit worried about her lately - worried she is letting go of her dreams and getting caught up in just surviving and the rat race of the retail world. We have a little book where I write to her my thoughts and feelings - the rules are never in a judgemental way. So I wrote her about 5 pages last night while I wasn't sleeping. I think she feels so much pressure to be so good at everything and that keeps her from trying things are getting out there and taking a risk. I tried to reassure her.
Well, time to work on something else on my 'to do' list (I made that while I couldn't sleep, too). And it is true, Bean, I do crave sweet and starchy things when I am tired. But today I am just eating peaches. So far...

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