Friday, July 15, 2005


Here is me 40 years ago in the nursery of Mount Saint Joseph's

And here is me and Mom on July 6 outside what used to be the nursery 40 years later (luckily I didn't make her carry me around this time).

The sisters set out... (this is the best hair you will see all trip!)

This is in Ganges on the way there - I love the way Laura, disgusted with my angle acts like I am taking a picture of her nude....

Our 'cute' campsite (number 3)

The sistahs change a tire (I think that is the first one...) That must be the one with the 'slime' inside - next comes the one with the 'nifty' thing.

Proud fub waiting for the ferry.

Proud sistas (Sore bum, sore bum, sore bum)

Proud Laursie or maybe she is just SO happy to be off of that seat!

Me smiling waaaaayyyy too hard. Love those gums....

All of us before and after the ferry

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