Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lake of Many Colours

Last night I went for a hike down to Cosen's Bay with my friend, a local music teacher. It is a 5 km hike (there and back) that cuts through Ponderosa Pine forest and grasslands to a beautiful bay on Kalamalka Lake. We went just after sunset. The air was warm as we talked and laughed. When we got down to the bay, the water was perfect - just cool. I floated on my back in the jade green water looking up at the ethereal blue of the sunset sky framed just on the edges with the hills on either side of the bay. I dragged Jodi in for a dip and she smells much better today! Our dogs ran along the edge of the water, barking and yipping at each other as we floated and lazily swam in the diminishing light. We walked home in the near darkness completely satisfied.

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